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The term Cyborg is used for a human/humanoid creature or other organic creatures who have artificial modifications.


The first cyborgs in the TimeSplitters series appeared in the Cyberden in 2005. Later, in 2019, NeoTokyo, it was shown that the hackers (particularly Barby Gimp and Milkbaby) have had metal surgical implants.

In the Machine Wars, the human resistance's ranks included many cyborgs, such as Lazarus Mumble, Angel Forge, Mordecai Jones and Ghengis Kant. It seems that most humans depended on robotic modifications during this time period. There are also enemy cyborgs during this war, such as Lt. Black or Prison Officers.

After the wars, the only known cyborg character was the Dark Machinist Child. He doesn't share many similarities with the rebels of the Machine Wars, mainly because he salvaged parts from several different robots for his own body. Any connections he may have with UltraNet are unknown.

As late as 2401, there were still cyborgs. One such example is Corporal Hart. With this knowledge, it is safe to assume that, in the future, many soldiers use robotic parts to replace lost ones or to beef up their strength.

Character Traits

Most cyborgs do not share traits with Robots, despite having robotic parts.



TimeSplitters 2

TimeSplitters Future Perfect



  • Badass Cyborg and Corporal Hart are the only cyborgs to appear in more than one game.
    • Badass Cyborg is the only cyborg to appear in all three games.
  • The Machinist is the only male TS2 cyborg (unless you include Badass Cyborg's reappearance).
  • Cyborg Chimp is the only non-human cyborg.
  • Cyborg Chimp is the only TSFP cyborg who uses the robotic death animation.