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Cyberden is a Story mission from the original TimeSplitters, set somewhere in an unknown facility. The "den" is inhabited by Cyborgs, although it is unclear what the purpose of this place holds. Playing as Deacon Swain and/or Chastity Detroit, find the CD containing the cyborgs' plans and escape the violence of its protectors. The level is set in 2005, but the characters and weapons featured are a little farfetched for this date (TimeSplitters was released in 2000), however this was only used due to the systematic 15/5-year gaps between levels. It may be safe to assume that the level should actually take place in 2050, but this cannot be confirmed. Alternatively, the level may well have taken place in a 2005 that was the result of TimeSplitter meddling. It is worth noting that Chastity Detroit is still physically young in 2019, so the latter may be more likely.


TS1 Select Level - 2005 Cyberden.png

Get the cyborg's plans and return to the ventilation ducts.


Characters Encountered




Go through swiftly but with precautions. Quickly eliminate any and all cyborgs in your way with good weapons, keep away from Proximity Mines and Sci-Fi Handguns, stay with Assault Shotguns and Rocket Launchers. You MUST ignore Auto guns to save time, just move side to side fast to avoid any damage.


Difficulty Reward
Easy Badass Cyborg
Easy Timed (50 secs) Siamese Cyborg
Normal Streets
Normal Timed (4 mins 30 secs) Tuxedo Cyborg
Hard Female Cyborg
Hard Timed (7 mins) Enemy Rockets Cheat

World Records

Difficulty Time Person
Easy 35.2 secs An Empty Box
Normal 50.3 secs An Empty Box
Hard 57.1 secs An Empty Box