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Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1935
Related Characters Priestess (Ally)
Eyes Mummy (Minion)
Teeth Mummy (Minion)
Brown Zombie (Minion)
Green Zombie (Minion)
Games TimeSplitters

Cultist appears only in the original TimeSplitters, as a generic Story enemy. He most notably sports a red fez, much like Bear's. He also has a beard and wears red trousers, red shoes, and a white top with purple fabric going over his left shoulder.



TS1 Cultist Small.gif Cultist

Unlock Complete Tomb on Easy
Gesture Looks up then down again, and waves his hand slightly.

Cultist features as the most common enemy of the Tomb story mission. Aside from his role in the story, he appears in three challenges and two bot sets.


1935, Egyptian Tomb

Main article: Tomb (Story)

The Cultists and Priestesses attempted to start a ritual using an ankh, but were killed as Captain Ash and Lady Jayne raided the tomb and retrieved the ankh.


  • Big Tony and Lazarus Mumble reuse his voice clips, but with lowered pitch.
  • Cultist shares his gesture with Malehood, but Cultist doesn't talk in his gesture, whereas Malehood does.