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Corporal Hart
Species Human/Cyborg
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2401
Related Characters General (Boss)
Sergeant Cortez (Commander)
Private Hicks (Subordinate)
Private Jones (Subordinate)
Private Miller (Subordinate)
Private Jameson (Subordinate)
Games TimeSplitters 2
TimeSplitters Future Perfect

Corporal Hart is Sergeant Cortez's sidekick in TimeSplitters 2. She speaks with a strong Brooklyn accent and has various robotic body parts. While Sergeant Cortez jumped through the Time Portal, Corporal Hart stayed at the controls at the Space Station. However, Corporal Hart was killed by the lightning bolt of a Reaper Splitter near the end of TimeSplitters 2. Despite this, she is the secondary playable character in Space Station, which takes place just after she dies. In the description of this level, she is said to be in a different dimension, where she didn't die.

However, she makes a reappearance in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, supposedly because the destruction of both the TimeSplitters and the Time Crystals at the hands of Sergeant Cortez, erased all of the former's activities in humanity's past; ergo, Hart was never killed on the Space Station and consequently lives on.

A major change Corporal Hart encounters between the two games is the staggering transfer of her servo-enhanced Tritium Exo-Arm (as her character model is swapped), changing from her right arm in TimeSplitters 2, to her left arm in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. There is no in-game explanation for this. Explanations differ from a Free Radical Design instigated joke, to the events of the TimeSplitters' eradication in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, leading to a change earlier on in her life, losing her left arm rather than her right. However, her exo-arm may just be an addition to her armour, rather than a cybernetic arm, meaning that she never lost any arms.


TimeSplitters 2

TS2 Corporal Hart Small.png Corp. Hart

Star 5.gif
Unlock Default
Gallery Not just an excellent soldier, Corporal Hart is also an expert with all kinds of mechanical and computer technology. She has found her servo-enhanced Tritium Exo-Arm to be a very useful aid in battle situations.
Accuracy Agility Stamina
18/20 12/20 12/20

Corporal Hart appears in TimeSplitters 2 as a Story character in the Space Station level. Apart from that, she appears in a single Arcade League match, as well as numerous bot sets.

TimeSplitters Future Perfect

TSFP Corporal Hart Small.png Corporal Hart

Star 3.gif
Unlock Complete Future Perfect on Normal
Gallery Cortez's old sidekick. Who knows, if she hadn't caught one in the kisser back in TimeSplitters 2 she might still be around, Oh, I see, you've completed the story game so the TimeSplitters never existed and she didn't die. Well, how come there's a selectable TimeSplitter character then?
Gesture Stands while holding a Plasma Autorifle, points to the player, and says, "Locked, cocked, and ready to roll!"
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
5/8 5/8 5/8 5/8

Corporal Hart returns in TimeSplitters Future Perfect with the same attire due to no new presence in Story, although her character model was mirrored, meaning that her cyborg arm is now her left arm. She is canonically still alive, due to all the events in the TimeSplitters history being reverted, therefore the TimeSplitters never killed her.


2401, Space Station

Sergeant Cortez witnessing Corporal Hart's death.

An army of TimeSplitters invaded the Space Station, killing all of the Marines stationed there and capturing the Time Machine. The General sent two of his best marines, Sergeant Cortez and Corporal Hart, to retake the station. Upon arrival, they eliminate many Reapers on their way to the control room, where they discover the TimeSplitters have taken the Time Crystals into humanity's past. The door into the room sealed, Hart mans the Time Machine controls while Cortez steps through to retrieve the Time Crystals.

Main article: Space Station (Story)

After helping Cortez retrieve the Crystals, the TimeSplitters finally burst into the control room. In the ensuing confusion, a Reaper kills Hart with a bolt of lightning, much to Cortez's dismay. It is worth noting that, despite her death, she is the player two character in the co-operative story mission, but this is obviously for the purpose of playability and not canon.


  • The events of TimeSplitters Future Perfect mean that the TimeSplitters never killed Hart. Because Hart and Cortez never went to the Space station to retrieve the Crystals, Hart would still be a member of the Space Time Marines, if the establishment was ever needed; otherwise a normal person on Earth (albeit the cyborg arm, if she still needed it).
  • Throughout the whole series of games, there is a colonel, a general, many captains, many lieutenants, many sergeants & many privates or equivalent (marine, trooper etc). Corporal Hart is the only character to hold the rank of corporal.
  • All characters are right-handed when using a single weapon, which means in TimeSplitters 2 Hart favoured her cyborg hand, while in Future Perfect, she favoured her human hand.
  • Shortly after the beginning of both Time To Split and The Hooded Man of TimeSplitters Future Perfect, a Marine can be heard saying "Hey, where's Corporal Hart?" Another Marine responds with "Corporal who?". The first Marine then says "Ahh never mind". This is the only time in Future Perfect that Corporal Hart is mentioned (aside from The Hooded Man, where this happens again at the exact same time).
  • Corporal Hart's model in TimeSplitters Future Perfect has an error: part of her hair is red and translucent, similar to the red light/laser of the device on her shoulder.
  • In Future Perfect, she shares her gesture with Cortez, albeit with different dialogue.
  • Inceptress reuses her sound clips.
  • Her name appears as the second high score in Timesplitters 2 game cartridges.
  • Her face resembles Joanna Dark from the Perfect Dark series, a franchise that was worked on by members of Rareware.
  • She is the only sidekick in TS2's Story mode that appears in any cutscene.
  • Graeme Norgate confirmed she was voiced by Risa Hall.