Commuting Will Kill You
Commuting Will kill you.png
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
League Amateur League
Section Nightstick
Mode Elimination
Map Subway
Character Jack Sprocket
Enemies Encountered Chastity
Dr. Peabody
Fergal Stack
Neophyte Constance
Neophyte Lucian
Nurse Gulag
Vlad the Installer
Rewards Leonid
Fat Characters
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1st
Silver: 1st in 03:40.0
Gold: 1st in 02:40.0
Platinum: 1st in 2:20.0
Record: 1st in 01:37.2

Commuting Will Kill You is an Arcade League challenge in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. It involves eliminating people at the Subway.


Cancellations and overcrowding on the morning trains have just driven the commuters a few stops past the end of the line. Everyone's gone off the rails and now it's carnage central on the subway. The stationmaster says the last one standing gets a free off-peak travel pass - go for it!


It is advised to utilise the levers in the train control room to activate the trains. It's a good area to camp as well, providing adequate cover and a respawning health pack.

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