Chinese Waiter
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1970
Related Characters Chinese Chef (Colleague)
Suit Hoodlum (Ally)
Mister Big (Ally)
Games TimeSplitters

Chinese Waiter is a generic male Chinese character, who wears a black tuxedo and works at the Chinese Restaurant. They only appear in the original TimeSplitters, unlike the Chinese Chefs, who appear in all subsequent games.



TS1 Chinese Waiter Small.gif Chinese Waiter

Unlock Complete Chinese on Easy in 1m 15s
Gesture Walks forward, loads gun then walks off screen.

The Chinese Waiter appears as one of the characters based around the Chinese Restaurant, alongside the Chinese Chefs.


1970, Chinese Restaurant

Main article: Chinese (Story)

The Chinese Waiters are members of Mister Big's gang. They work at the Chinese Restaurant, which is a front for the gang's illegal activities. They defend the restaurant against Detective Harry Tipper and Lt. Christine Malone to prevent the seizure of incriminating evidence.


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