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Cat Driving is a minor Mode/Challenge section only used in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. In this, you control Khallos's cat, Strudel, where you drive him around three lap tracks to beat the times set by the medals. You control him using the left analogue stick to go left and right, the X button to accelerate, square to break, and circle to flip yourself upright if you fall. You can race in VR, the roof of the U-Genix Building and the Siberia level.


  • Strudel, when playing as him in Cat Driving, has to be selected and has his own icon. He however does not have an animation, and reuses the same dialogue Khallos uses when he is selected.
  • In all cat driving challenges, finishing and quickly exiting the challenge while the cat's engine noise is still looping causes the sound to not terminate during the loading screen and warped sound effects will play due to subsequent audio playback issues reading raw data from the wrong files.