The Brick is a recurring weapon in the TimeSplitters series, appearing in every game so far as an unlockable weapon in Challenges. The weapon is featured in glass smashing challenges on every game. The secondary fire shoots at a higher angle as if it were swung under-arm into the air as opposed to being lobbed at an enemy.

When aimed at a wall it will ricochet and hit the player, causing ironically large self-damage. Incredibly, while it's potshot accuracy for humans, AI is exceedingly accurate with bricks, which puts players at a disadvantage. However, bots don't exactly "like" to use bricks, an example being, if bricks were picked up by a bot, they would continue to use the weapon already equipped.

You can throw the brick very close to the enemy and/or if aimed at the head, it will kill instantly. It's good for a group of people, so the brick can bounce off each person.

A note to players is that if by some twist of fate you are stuck fighting with only bricks, try not to use them. Unless you're completely surrounded, need to clear a path, or generally feel suicidal, your fists are a better option due to the lack of a ricochet, noticeably better accuracy, and no deficiency of ammo.



Brick TS1

The Brick in TS1

The first appearance of the brick set the standard. The brick appears in Brick Flung High where the same challenge is set as in Don't Wait Around except the only weapon is the brick instead of the M16. The challenge is set in Chinese

When "if best" is switched on, the Brick ranks as the joint worst weapon on TS1, on the same level as the Timed Mine, Proximity Mine and Remote Mine.

TimeSplitters 2Edit

In TimeSplitters 2 the brick is the only weapon in the game that needs to be unlocked, and it stays pretty much the same as it was in its previous incarnation. It is used in the challenge Bricking it, setting the same target as Pane in the Neck, albeit the weapon is bricks instead of the Soviet S47 and its Grenades. The brick also appears in the Arcade League challenge Nikki Jinki Bricky. The brick is fully available to place in Arcade custom weapon sets; however, the brick is not available for placement in the Mapmaker's custom weapon set, as TimeSplitters 2 suffers from a glitch where the last weapon in the custom weapon set list cannot be chosen (unlocking the brick enables use of the Fire Extinguisher in Mapmaker, which was last in the list prior to unlocking the brick). Therefore the brick cannot be given to the Story AI in TimeSplitters 2 and is not available for use in Mapmaker maps played in Story Mode.

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

Brick TS3

The Brick in TS3

The brick stays the same except in design and in secondary fire for TimeSplitters Future Perfect. The game allows you to hold the trigger for longer to make it throw further instead of a secondary fire. The brick appears in the Avec Le Brique challenge requiring the player to smash glass with bricks in Chinese like in Brick Flung High from the original TimeSplitters. There is also a small glitch found in the game.

Unlike in TimeSplitters 2, the brick is fully available for use in the Mapmaker custom weapon set and can be used in Story Mode Mapmaker maps.