Brass Monkeys
Brass Monkeys
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Section Monkeying Around
Map Siberia
Character Mischief
Enemies Encountered None
Rewards Bronze: Mischief
Medal Requirements Bronze: 500 points
Silver: 1500 points
Gold: 2500 points
Platinum: 3000 points

Brass Monkeys is one of the Monkeying Around Challenges for TimeSplitters Future Perfect. In the challenge, you play as Mischief, and are playing a game of curling with a twist: the stones that you are sliding across the ice have monkeys sitting on them. Also, a pair of monkeys with brooms assist you by sweeping the ice in front of a moving stone when prompted. The goal is the get as many points as possible; the closer a monkey is to the centre of the circular target in front of you (also know as the house), the more points you score.


When a winter sport gets banned it just gets forced underground, and here on a remote Siberian lake is where feverish aficionados gather covertly to enjoy the heady thrill of Monkey Curling. Just aim for the target, judge your weight for length and send that little chimp sliding down the ice. Now you know why some monkeys have blue bums...


  • The name of the challenge is a reference to the Beastie Boys song Brass Monkey.
  • When loading anytime other than Story, the captions on the bottom will occasionally ask "have you tried curling a monkey?!"
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