Species Monkey/Zombie
Size Small
Native Timezone 1994
Related Characters Monkey (Living Form)
Doctor Lancet (Creator)
Games TimeSplitters Future Perfect

Brains in Timesplitters Future Perfect.

Brains is another addition to the row of monkeys. He is an undead monkey missing the top of its skull, eyes and most of the right ear. He only appears in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.


TimeSplitters Future Perfect

TSFP Brains Small Brains

Star 1
Unlock Challenge > Behead The Undead > Brain Drain with Bronze or better
Gallery Aww, bless. It's a little furry undead freak.
Gesture Makes monkey sounds then falls over.
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
6/8 4/8 5/8 5/8

Brains makes his sole appearance in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, featuring in one Arcade League match, one challenge, and four bot sets.


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