Boxing Clever
Boxing clever
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Section Behead The Undead
Location U-Genix Building: Mutant Processing Room
Character Cortez
Targets Gilbert Gastric
Daisy Dismay

Tin-Legs Tommy
Medal Requirements

5,000 points
20,000 points
50,000 points
100,000 points
2,113,611,346 points

Boxing Clever is a TimeSplitters Future Perfect Challenge. It involves shooting boxes at Zombies heads, this getting you points to gain the medals and rewards.


Secret laboratory, blah blah... Twisted research, blah blah... Living dead, blah blah... Anyway lacking an immediate shotgun to hand it looks like the only way to get the heads off these guys is to hit them with boxes - so you'll be needing the temporal uplink's force manipulator for this one.


Use the Temporal Uplink to pick up boxes and throw them at the zombies heads to behead them. When there are too many, run in circles - dodging them until you're in a space where you have room to pick up a box and fire it at several enemies.

When the amount of boxes gets low, wait until the end of a wave then use that time to re-collect any boxes that may be outside the challenge boundaries.

A useful trick is to throw a head at an enemy, and the instant it hits, activate your uplink again and snap the thrown head back at your hand. This is faster, and in succession, can rack up a lot of points.

Another trick that can be utilized is by simply throwing a box so it bounces off one of the pillars in the room, by doing so the box spins and does a lot more damage allowing you to get combos easier.

Note: After achieving platinum, at the end of a wave, you may lose points. This means that your highest score while playing may not be your final one.

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