Bone Grab
TS1 Challenge 8-C
Game TimeSplitters
Section 8
Mode BagTag
Map Graveyard
Character Farrah Fun-Bunny
Bots Dr. Katje Nadir

Lady Jayne
Mary-Beth Casey
Captain Ash
Dr. Seth Graven
Peekaboo Jones
Priest Mutant

Rewards Farrah Fun-Bunny

Bone Grab is Challenge 8-C in the original TimeSplitters. It involves a team BagTag at the Graveyard, male characters against female characters. It comes after Dinner Dates and before I Can't Hear Anyone Screaming.

Briefing Edit

The boys and girls are playing dares in the graveyard. Who's brave enough to hold the bones for at least 3 minutes. Hmm.. everyone, it seems.

Strategy Edit

When you get the bones, don't run with it like your teammates do but go into one of the little buildings and kill the boys who come in. Your teammates will come to you and will help you survive. Don't use the Rocket Launcher or else everybody in the room will be killed, including you, and the boys could get the bones. When one of your teammates has the bones, follow them if you can and when they die, get the bones and hide just like before. It should be easy to kill the boys when they have the bones or not. Duck too behind the sarcophagus when some boy comes in through the front and your girls will kill him. You should get 3:00 in no time. It's easy.

One obnoxious issue in this level is the AI for team-BagTag is... Not all there. Sometimes the allied AI will gleefully shoot you and kill you to take the bag from you. Especially noteworthy considering Friendly Fire is turned on for this level...

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