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Basic information

Body Armor (Armour) is used as a secondary health bar, thus extending your overall lifespan during the course of the mode you're playing in. Unlike health, though, picking up a piece of armor raises your armor level to that of the armor you picked up, and you can't pick it up if the level of armor you have is higher. This is because armor doesn't stack, unlike health, meaning picking up two low-level armors will not increase your armor to full (except in Timesplitters 1), but picking up two low-level healths will increase your health level to full, because it does stack. In TSFP, small armors give the equivalent of about 45% of the health bar, and large armors give about 90%. armors do not protect against damage multiplyers, such as headshots, resistance or weakness to fire and electricity. For example, if you use an electric weapon on a shock-weak character with an armor, the armor will suffer quadruple damage as well.


In the TimeSplitters games, Body Armor can take many different appearances, depending on what Timezone it's in.


Just like Health Packs, Body Armor comes in two types:

  • Small: Recovers a varied amount of armor, sometimes a lot, sometimes not very much.
  • Large: Restores your armor bar to full.