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Big Tony
Big Tony.jpg
Species Human
Size Large
Native Timezone 1932
Related Characters Brother
Mister Big (Son?)
Jake Fenton (Arch-Nemesis)
Marco (Employee)
Braces (Employee)
Louie Bignose (Employee)
Slick Tommy (Employee)
Jimmy Needles (Employee)
Hatchet Sal (Employee)
Games TimeSplitters 2

Big Tony in TimeSplitters 2.

Big Tony, also known as Mister Big, is the top mob boss in Chicago. He has a wide range of cronies, which include Braces, Louie Bignose, Jimmy Needles, Slick Tommy and Hatchet Sal. He is the sworn enemy of Jake Fenton. Though both Tony and the leading man of the gang housed at the Chinese restaurant (Mister Big) share the same title, they are not the same person; Big Tony lived and died in 1932, whereas Mister Big lived in 1970.


TimeSplitters 2

TS2 Big Tony Small.png Big Tony

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Unlock Chicago on Normal
Gallery After buying out the Falucci Brothers olive oil import business, Big Tony turned his now slippery hands to more criminal activities. But liquor, loose women and the numbers racket weren't enough - lately it seems he's been taking shipments from some dodgy out of town characters.
Accuracy Agility Stamina
17/20 4/20 20/20

Big Tony is associated most with Chicago and his Nightclub. However, he appears in Someone Has Got to Pay shooting Ducks like Mister Big did in the first game (albeit a different reason-Mister Big was shooting them because hunting season was in, but Big Tony was trying to protect his hairpiece). He also appears in Double Bill, a Thief match in Chasm. His only other relation to Chicago and his Nightclub other than being the antagonist of the level is an appearance in Nightclub's bot set.


1932, Chicago

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Notorious crime-lord Big Tony has had stolen jewels imported from foreign dealers. When Big Tony hears that Jake Fenton has returned to Chicago after he already kicked him out, he becomes extremely enraged and demands that Jake be killed. Jake fights and kills Big Tony in his own Nightclub.


  • Graeme Norgate confirmed that he voiced by Bill Roberts.