Berserker Splitter
Species TimeSplitter
Size Large
Native Timezone 2243 - 2401
Related Characters Reaper Splitter
Scourge Splitter
Splitter Crow
TimeSplitter 1
TimeSplitter 2
Freak (Prototype)
Games TimeSplitters Future Perfect

The Berserker Splitter is the only TimeSplitter to appear in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. They attack by shooting bolts of energy that track their enemies and can also turn invisible. They are similar to the Reaper Splitters in appearance, but they tend to walk on all fours rather than upright like the Reaper Splitter, and their skin has reddish hue, in stark contrast to the Reaper Splitter's pale white skin. And while Berserker Splitters have to walk to get to places, the Reaper Splitters can teleport to areas instantly (on the other hand, however, when dashing on all fours, the Berserkers can move much faster than any of the other types). Also, if you pay close attention to their bloody claws, you can see what looks like mutated, human fingers, hinting at their origins.


TimeSplitters Future Perfect

TSFP Berserker Splitter Small Berserker Splitter

Star 5
Unlock Complete The Hooded Man on Easy
Gallery He'll eat you before you even know he's there. That's how hard he is.
Gesture Jumps while swiping.
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
2/8 8/8 5/8 5/8

Berserker Splitter in the opening cutscene.

The Berserker Splitter appears in the opening cutscene of TimeSplitters Future Perfect and is seen drinking the blood of a fallen space marine. It looks up to see Cortez's ship before going back to its drink. The Berserker Splitter is the strongest bot in the game, being one of few five star bots and having the greatest stamina; he however lacks in speed. Berserker Splitter is notably the only TimeSplitter to appear in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.


Beserker Splitter in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.

Unlike in previous games where the TimeSplitters appear at the end of every level, Berserkers only appear in two levels set in 2401 and are fought throughout the levels. They also appear in four challenges, in which they act like they do in Story missions.


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2401, Spacetime Marine Headquarters Area

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When Sergeant Cortez made it back to Earth, Berserker Splitters were populating the area around the Spacetime Marine Headquarters. The other Spacetime Marines tried to hold off the TimeSplitters to allow Cortez to reach the Headquarters.

Berserker Splitters can cause problems in Story Mode due to their immense speed. They can move faster than any of the original TimeSplitters, and are very strong bots, even on Easy mode.


  • It inherits its voice clips from TimeSplitter 1, TimeSplitter 2, Reaper Splitter & Drone Splitter.
  • The Berserker Splitter is the only TimeSplitter type seen in Future Perfect.
  • Berserker Splitter's Story AI will stand up on its hind legs and hold guns. If attacking, it will run human-like towards the player's position until the player is within sight. Only when it sees the player will it go into "berserker" mode, dropping any guns or inventory onto the floor, dropping to all fours, cloaking, and throwing lightning. Before seeing the player and going berserk, the Story AI can travel through teleports and cause doorways to toggle open. After going berserk, it cannot do these things.
  • It shares its gesture with the Cropolite, but with different gesture dialogue.
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