Behead The Undead
TS1 Challenge 1-A Behead the Undead
Game TimeSplitters
Section 1
Location Mansion
Character Det. Harry Tipper
Targets Brown Zombie
Girl Zombie
Jacket Zombie
Police Zombie
Skull Zombie
Rewards The Living Dead Bot Set
50 heads
01:06.9 (Silent Thunder)
Behead The Undead is Challenge 1-A in the original TimeSplitters. It involves shooting the heads off Zombies in the Mansion map. It comes before Putrid Punchout.


The old mansion on Gallows Hill is infested with undead spawn - just the thing for target practice! Shoot the heads off 50 zombies in two minutes to win a prize.


You start in the main hall centered with spawning zombies around you. Wait for like at least 2 seconds before shooting their heads off as they are affected by spawn protection, and cannot be killed. While you keep going, go for other zombies next while the current ones you just killed has their spawn protection wearing off. Just try not to let them get too close to you and get you killed. Keep repeating this process and will eventually get this one right.

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