Species Human/Beetle Mutant
Size Small
Native Timezone Unknown
Related Characters Beetle
Games TimeSplitters 2

Beetleman in Timesplitters 2.

Beetleman is a type of insect mutant created as part of an alien experiment, who fights to vent his anger at the alteration of his body. He is classified as a short character.


TimeSplitters 2

TS2 Beetleman Small Beetleman

Star 4
Unlock Arcade League > Elite League > One Shot Thrills > Double Bill with Silver or better
Gallery A hideous alien grafting experiment gone wrong, Beetleman fights out of rockabilly rage at what was done to his once beautiful body.
Accuracy Agility Stamina
15/20 12/20 8/20

The Beetleman makes his sole appearance in TimeSplitters 2, in the Arcade Match Double Bill, alongside The Impersonators, as well as a couple of bot sets.


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