Bags of Fun
Game TimeSplitters 2
League Elite League
Section Team Series C
Mode Capture the Bag
Map Ice Station
Character Corporal Hart
Accompanied by
Sergeant Cortez
Enemies Encountered Drone Splitter x2
Reaper Splitter x2
Scourge Splitter
Rewards Silver: Ringmistress
Gold: Big Hands, Slow Motion Deaths
Medal Requirements Bronze: 3 bags better
Silver: 5 bags better
Gold: 7 bags better
Platinum: 10 bags better

Bags of Fun is part of Elite League in TimeSplitters 2. It is said to be the toughest match in the game to get a gold on, and is up there with Atom Smasher on Hard mode if you're going for the gold. There is also a glitch associated with the challenge that makes repeat attempts at getting the gold more annoying, if certain aspects go wrong.


When Cortez and Hart aren't knocking seven bells out of the TimeSplitters they like to invite them over to the Ice Station for a friendly game of Capture the Bag. The TimeSplitters are inclined to take it a bit too seriously...


This is the toughest arcade match in TimeSplitters 2. However, once you get a hang of it, you'll see it's a tad bit easier than it seems. First off, I'll give you the introduction.

This is a Capture The Bag at the Ice Station level, where you're bag is at the top of the middle building, and the enemy bag is on that little metal ground jetting out from the edge of the level. You are Corporal Hart and your only teammate is Cortez, who is rather useless, as he just gets mowed down easily. You are fighting five computer characters, which consist of two Reaper Splitters, two Drone Splitters, and a single Scourge Splitter. You all start with the Plasma Autorifle, and the only other weapons are the Rocket Launcher and Homing Launcher (which nobody will use).

Now, when you start, head down the stairs and straight from the stairs through the left doorway. There will be a speed powerup nearby, and once you get it, head right and go around to see their base. Hopefully, there will still be a bit of armour on the hill right to the side of their base. Grab it and get their bag; don't bother shooting them unless they are on the small bridge right before their base, and if they are, use the plasma grenades. Once you have their bag, head forward to your base while STRAFING (the most important part). Once you score, if you need health, look straight ahead and on the floor right below is a high-health pack. Get on the landing across from you (so you're above the health) and drop down to get it. If you miss, just get the low-health powerup on the bottom floor and then head back to their base. If you get it, go through the window right in front that should be straight to their base. If you don't need health, then go through the right window and get the shrink powerup nearby, then head left to go to their base. Now just get the bag and once you score again, the speed powerup should be back so if you don't need health, just keep going back and forth between the speed and shrink powerups (and don't forget the armour on the hill right before their base!).

If they ever capture your bag, don't wait at your base for Cortez to secure it. If you're at your base when they get it, kill them. If you're heading towards their base, grab their bag and head back to your base. You should run into the one with your bag, so launch a plasma grenade on him and pick it up. If they do make it back to their base, as long as you have their bag, they'll just stand there, so just launch a grenade while strafing. Keep in mind that right in from of their base is the cloak powerup, which they will normally get. So keep an eye out, as the bot with the bag may be invisible. Grab the cloak powerup when you can to prevent them from using it.

I found the Plasma AutoRifle to be most effective, but if you want, you can try the Rocket Launcher if you're having trouble. Don't bother with the Homing Launcher, as it takes too long to get (it's in the buildings in the corners). If you are not going for the gold, then once you have enough, get to your bag and go on the platform across from it with a Rocket Launcher (so that you can see when they come up the ramp) and shoot them, or use the turrets to kill them with. Then, Cortez can run for the bag. If you are going for the gold, just keep repeating this strategy. Keep in mind you need 7 MORE, 5 MORE, or 3 MORE bags than the other team and not just 7, 5, or 3. So, for example if they get two, you need five to get a bronze.

In the building you start off in, look outside, as there is a shrink powerup and speed powerup on one side. On the opposite side, there is a building close to a speed powerup, so go to either one before trying to get the bag. When in the small building near the speed powerup, grab the Homing Launcher and some high-armour, then get their bag and take it back, next if you didn't get the shrink and speed powerups first, get those this time and get their bag again. Don't worry when your bag gets stolen, just shoot them with a sticky grenade or homing rocket, but with the homing rocket launcher if you shoot at an enemy's front from far away the rocket might vanish, get closer if this happens. Rotate between the shrink and speed powerups and the armour, homing launcher and speed powerup when you score, this got me a platinum.

Alternate Plan: When you start off, immediately run to the side building with the full armour and the homing launcher. Then, run outside and grab the speed power up and just run as fast as you can and grab the enemy bag. Don't kill any enemies until you have the bag and you are retreating. Once you score, go to the back of the map to the other building and get the speed power up and the other goodies that are there. Go and get the bag and score again. Then, repeat the first step by heading to the side building again. This strategy requires some luck as the enemy may manage to grab your bag in the process, and how well your partner can stop them. If it comes down to it, you can then sacrifice a score in order to get your bag back.

TIP: If you have the desired score (7 bags better, 5 bags better, etc...), grab the enemy bag and instead of scoring with it, hang on to it. Just run around with it. Be sure to get armour and health and just keep the bag until time runs out. This is because you and/or the enemy cannot score while the other team has your bag.


If your health is low & you haven't got a speed up on the go, commit suicide just after you score so you'll respawn with full health. Do this by firing a rocket at down at your feet after scoring, or fire a plasma grenade down just before scoring then stand over it after scoring.

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