Assault Shotgun
Assault Shotgun.jpg
Ammo 8/92
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
3.5 bps
Reload Time 0.47 seconds
Damage (per Single Shot)
Type Shotgun
Native Timezone 2000 - 2005
Zoom No
Primary Fire Fires a shell
Secondary Fire Fires a less accurate shell
Games TimeSplitters

The Assault Shotgun is a combat shotgun found in TimeSplitters. Unlike the Tactical 12-Gauge from the sequels, which is pump-action, the Assault Shotgun is semi-automatic, capable of emptying its eight-round magazine in 2.25 seconds. Like all shotguns, it has no zoom feature, but it can still be manually aimed to allow for improved shot placement.

Compared to other shotguns, the Assault Shotgun is very accurate, with limited shot spread. Consequently, it is capable of killing an opponent at moderate range with little difficulty, unlike other shotguns, which are only a real threat close-up. Due to this increased effective range, bots with Assault Shotguns should be approached with caution.

When "if best" is switched on, the Assault Shotgun ranks as the 6th best weapon on TS1, on the same level as the Shotgun (x2) and Scifi Handgun.

Even though it is set to fully automatic, the slide is pumped after firing a shot.


  • The Assault Shotgun is based off a real-life SPAS-12. Like in the game, the real-life SPAS-12 is incapable of fully-automatic fire, featuring only semi-automatic or pump-action fire modes.
  • The Assault Shotgun is claimed by many fans to be the most powerful weapon in the series, due to its high damage and accuracy, along with being almost fully automatic.
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