Bots are the computer controlled characters in the arcade matches of the TimeSplitters series. You can have up to ten in one game. You can control which character they are, their AI level, which team they're on, and whether or not they're playing. Bots do have limitations, however. They cannot man gun emplacements, nor can they ride in vehicles. They also cannot activate levers. For example, they cannot cause the trains to come in the Subway area. They can, however, toggle switches in Mapmaker Assault mode maps if toggling the switch is an assault objective. "Bots" are not to be confused with Story AI, which are only available in Mapmaker story mode.

Bot Skill

The game's default star value for a bot is the default Bot Skill.


Bot Skill changes the reaction time and some 'AI exclusive' features of the character. 3-5 Star bots will roll, duck shots that could hit their head and perform other animations that can make them unpredictable. Low-skill bots will also take noticeably longer to fire on a target after seeing them, while high-skill bots can and will shoot almost instantly after sighting an enemy. It also determines how fast an AI will shoot at distance; Lower-star bots will shoot fairly slowly at a distance, generally increasing their fire rate as their target gets closer, while higher-star bots will shoot at maximum rate of fire no matter the distance. There are no dynamic changes to intelligence (such as seeking health kits or better weapons) and stamina, accuracy and speed are unchanged. Character abilities do not exist so unique ratings for each character must be set by the player.

TimeSplitters 2

Bot Skill determines the intelligence, stamina, accuracy, and overall difficulty of defeating a bot. The Bot Skill is a measure on a star scale of 1 (pathetic) to 5 (awesome). For example, a 1-star bot will be slow to react to being shot and will die fairly quickly. In contrast, a 5-star bot is difficult to shoot at from behind due to their quick reaction time, and they will often perform dives and other dodges to avoid fire. 5-star bots have a large amount of stamina and, due to their advanced "intelligence", will often run to retrieve a health pack when near death. Bot Skill values can only be changed when character abilities are turned off.

In TimeSplitters 2, there are three gameplay settings to choose from which further determine the difficulty of the artificial intelligence beyond the star-rating of individual characters. These are the Chilled, Normal and Frantic settings. These settings determine the overall difficulty of both an arcade match against bots and a story mode mapmaker map against Story AI. While these settings do influence the difficulty of story mode mapmaker maps, the difference between the settings is most apparent within arcade matches, where in Frantic the multiplayer bots never flinch when fired upon. However, Story AI on Frantic will continue to flinch for fairly easy kills against them.


  • Accuracy seems to have no impact on player aim, but instead it directly correlates with the bot's star rating. This will affect the bot's rate of fire, reaction time, damage reduction and bonus health in frantic difficulty.
  • There are fifteen accuracy levels internally. This is the only graphic of the three that represent those levels 'accurately'.
  • Cortez, Corp. Hart, The Cropolite, Capt. Snow, Capt. Forest, Capt. Sand, Capt. Night, and Reaper Splitter are tied with the highest Accuracy.


  • Agility, as the name suggests, affects the movement speed of the character. This affects both the AI and the player. The stat graphic is somewhat misleading, for example Scourge Splitter has the exact same movespeed stat as Monkey, and Stone Golem moves as fast as R-109 despite the speed stats being different.
  • Coincidentally higher agility characters tend to dive and roll, but this is separate from the actual stat.


  • Stamina affects the durability of bots only. The more stamina a character has, the less movement speed they have. While stamina affects health, accuracy does to a larger extent because accuracy gives a damage reduction, making a fast character like Scourge Splitter more durable than Hector Baboso

Hidden Stats

  • Zombie Punches - Certain characters in an unarmed fight will punch like zombies, being slower but inflicts a significant amount of damage. Usually bigger characters possess this ability.
  • Fist damage - In arcade mode, players that are playing taller characters generally deal extra damage with fists compared to shorter ones. This can be easily tested by comparing the amount of punches it takes for Monkey to kill an enemy compared to Scourge Splitter.
  • Fire Proof - Many characters are immune completely to being lit ablaze from any fire-starter weapon. These include Gretel Mark II, R-109, Stone Golem, ChassisBot, SentryBot and Robofish.
  • Weak to Fire - there are a few characters that die quickly after being set on fire. These include Wood Golem and R-one-oh-seven.
  • Weak to Electricity - A few characters are weak to electricity, namely from the ElectroTool weapon, taking four times the normal damage from it. Generally these are robotic characters like Gretel Mark II, ChassisBot and SentryBot, but not R-109 or Robofish.

TimeSplitters Future Perfect

TimeSplitters Future Perfect uses the same bot method as TimeSplitters 2, except there are no gameplay settings. It is interesting to note that most returning characters in TSFP do not have the same Bot Skill rating as they did in TS2. Perhaps the most extreme example of this would be The Master, who went from having a 1-Star rating in TS2 to having a 5-Star rating in TSFP. Others, such as R One-Oh-Seven, Jacque de la Morte and Gingerbread Man also experienced radical changes, though some, such as ViolaDuckman Drake and Snowman, remained the same.

Stamina Glitch

There is a bug in the arcade mode with the player's character where the more stamina a character has, the less health they actually have. This makes high speed characters like Edwina overpowered, since they are fast, durable, and small. With access to the game's memory, max stamina players are shown have 1.5 HP while minimum stamina players will have 2.0 HP due to a calculation error.

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