TimeSplitters Wiki

Arcade Custom
When you have friends over or you just want to play with other people, there's a mode called Arcade Custom.
This mode allows you to make your own multiplayer games. You can control the amount of Al Bots on the field,
the weapons that can be used, the Maps you play in, and even the types of game you are going to play. This mode can
be used for 1-4 players.

Arcade Modes
Type Mode Description
Gmod dm.png Deathmatch Every man for themselves. The person with the most kills at the end wins.
Gmod teamdm.png Team Deathmatch Team up with friends and fight the other teams, or go it and face everyone. The team with the most kills at the end wins.
Gmod ctf.png Capture the Bag Like Capture the Flag, but in TimeSplitters, they forget using a flag and replace it with a bag! The team with the most bags at the end wins.
Gmod bagtag.png Bag Tag Everyone vies for one bag in the centre of the map. Hold on to the bag for the longest! Some restrictions apply in this game.
Gmod flametag.png Flame Tag A game of tag, only the person that is tagged spontaneously combusts! Try not to get touched.
Gmod virus.png Virus A game of tag, but once you're tagged by an "infected" player, you stay tagged. Try not to become a virus.
Gmod assault.png Assault Conquer the enemy's base or defend your own.
Gmod elimination.png Elimination A Deathmatch with limited respawns. It counts for how many times you die, not the number of kills you get. The last man standing wins.
Escort Two teams play to defend or kill the escortee. The Attackers must try and kill the Escort bot, and the Defenders must protect it at all costs.
Knockout Retrieve the single bag from the map and bring it back to your team's base to score.
Last Stand Complete Phases and fend off enemies in different scenarios.
Gmod vampire.png Vampire A Deathmatch, but health is gained by killing enemies.
Gmod shrink.png Shrink A Deathmatch, but your height reflects your rank in the game. The person with the most kills is the tallest (their normal height), whilst the person with the fewest kills is the smallest.
Gmod thief.png Thief A Deathmatch, but you collect coins left over by dead enemies. Collect the most coins to win.
Gmod leech.png Leech A Deathmatch, but you gain health from shooting your enemies.
Gmod regeneration.png Regeneration A Deathmatch, but you slowly recover your health.
Gmod zones.png Zones Score by capturing and holding the most command posts.
Gmod gladiator.png Gladiator Only the gladiator can score. The person who kills the gladiator becomes the new gladiator. If a non-gladiator kills another non-gladiator, no points/kills are awarded.
Gmod monkey assist.png Monkey Assistant A Deathmatch, but the person in last place gets a squad of monkeys to help them get kills.