Amy Chen
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Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2052
Related Characters Doctor Amy (Alternate outfit)
Games TimeSplitters Future Perfect

Amy Chen is a government agent who entered the U-Genix Building to obtain proof of what Jacob Crow was up to. Chen is trained in Martial Arts, and also sports a machete. She wears grey clothing, similar in colour to the interior of the U-Genix Building because she attempted to camouflage herself.


TimeSplitters Future Perfect

TSFP Amy Chen Small.png Amy Chen

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Unlock Default
Gallery Amy is actually really sweet... it's just that everyone seems to have got on her bad side...
Gesture Gets down into a martial arts-like stance and says "You think you can keep up?"
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
6/8 4/8 5/8 5/8

Amy Chen appears in the Breaking And Entering and You Genius, U-Genix 2052 missions. She appears in Bag Slag and the Femme Fatales bot set due to her gender. She appears in the Sidekicks bot set due to her role in the story missions and she appears in the Chinese bot set due to her martial artistic abilities and supposedly Chinese-like surname.



During 2049, Chen became a government agent. Her missions involved stealth to obtain evidence leading to the downfall of high-security companies and people.

2052, U-Genix Building

Cortez and Chen waiting for a lift

Main articles: Breaking And Entering and You Genius, U-Genix

Chen was sent on the mission to get proof of U-Genix and Jacob Crow's deeds. She swiftly passed through the outside, jumping in a professional way over the lasers, and avoiding security robots. She snuck into the building and continued on, taking out Security using martial arts in addition to modern weaponry.

It was further into the mission she was caught and cornered. As she barely had the power to fight-off the workers, a turret on the wall started shooting them down, allowing for Chen to escape. Chen later discovered a man unlike the workers, pulling her gun out to him, she asked him of their business. Cortez reveals he is after Crow too, and they proceed together. Chen hacked the system to access Crow's floor, and then accessed his terminal when there, discovering that deep below the building, Crow has secret labs. Running for the lift, they make their way in.

Down in the labs, Chen witnessed the experiments that Crow and U-Genix was responsible for. Proceeding, Chen and Cortez confronted Crow and shot down his ships before talking to him. Cortez told Crow what he knew of him, to both her and Crow's suprise. A younger Crow transported to transport Crow out. Afterwards, a voice (Anya) talked to Cortez through the advanced technology he sported, who then transported out. Chen left by herself, leaving the building in a more natural way with enough evidence to end U-Genix.


  • She was voiced by Lorelei King, who is well-known for narrating audiobooks.
  • Her pain/death voice clips and her fire scream are completely unique and exclusive to her. She is one of the few females in the series to have this trait, the others being Daisy Dismay, Candi Skyler and Female Trooper.
  • Viola, Mischief and Amy have the same gesture, but all three of them use unique gesture dialogue.


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