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A Pox of Mox
A pox of mox.png
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
League Honorary League
Section Deadweight
Mode Zones
Map Spaceport
Character Gretel
Enemies Encountered Koozer Mox x8
Rewards Bronze: Koozer Mox
Bronze: Small Heads Cheat
Medal Requirements Bronze: 36 points
Silver: 36 points in 03:30.0
Gold: 36 points in 03:00.0
Platinum: 36 points in 02:30.0
Record: 36 points in 02:15.0

A Pox of Mox is a TimeSplitters Future Perfect Zones Arcade League Challenge in which your goal is to get 36 points.


The spaceport has been invaded by the dreaded Koozer Mox, but fortunately for the authorities, the latest Gretel combat droid just happens to be passing through on her way to Eridani 3 for some R'n'R under the triple suns. Well now they've spoilt her holiday so it looks like she's gonna be whippin' their blue alien hides in return.


Run through the level picking up all the bases except the final one. If you wait by the first one in their base, you can shoot all the Koozer Mox and shouldn't die. An easy victory. The spot under the bridge is a decent holding point, though there are a number of other good ones available to you.


  • Eridani 3, the location Gretel was traveling to in this league match, is a single-sun system, not a triple-sun system as the description suggests.